Feb. 16

One of my biggest hurtles with my New Year’s Goals has definitely been the baby/winter/gym time situation. We acquired the workout DVD series P90X a while back. I’m typically not someone who likes workout DVDs. They are usually pretty weak. My heart rate never gets high enough and I never really feel like they work. Well that is not the case with P90X. I was about ready to pass out after 20 minutes. Now that could be because I’m so incredibly out of shape. But I believe that any DVD series that warms up with a round of Power Yoga is probably pretty good. I’m going to give this a try for a while…at least until I’m able to go outside with the lad.

Other than that, with Nate gone the anti-soda regime continues. I’ve had more than I care to admit, but I’ve been pretty good lately. I prefer water, milk, or juice and that seems to be working.

Reading – not so good. I’ve had a LOT of work lately. So my free time has been spent making money instead of reading for my challenge. I’m sort of caught up now so I think it will be better now.

All in all things are better. I miss Nate. I hate it when he leaves for long stretches. We haven’t been apart this long since college when he would go home to California in the summers. That used to be awful. He’ll be home soon. Counting the days.

The Man with the Golden Arm

On to the book challenge…Ready set….

The Man with the Golden Arm by Nelson Algren
1949, Seven Stories Press
National Book Award Winner, 1950
National Book Award Winner Blog

I’m just a few page into Algren’s masterpiece. I had no idea what to expect. A cop, a drug addict, a police statioin. I was only 8 pages in when I realized my leisure reading hat would need to be replaced, and quickly, with my critical reading beret. Quite a challege for a girl who has completely neglected her reading for a year.

If you feel like reading with me, do. I’m eager to talk to someone about this book as I’m going through it. More to come.

The Time Traveler’s Wife – Fin

I know it’s not on my book challenge, but I just finished reading The Time Traveler’s Wife today. I’ll try not to spoil the ending.

First off, I liked it because it was unique. Typically stories about time travel make my eyes go crossed. Have you seen the movie with Denzel Washington – Deja Vu? Uhg, terrible. Well, this book wasn’t quite like that. As I’ve said in a previous post, the time traveler, Henry, moves through time both backward and forward. It’s a precarious situation considering he leaves his clothes in whatever time he is in when he travels. It’s a dangerous business showing up in someone’s backyard or a subway station in any kind of weather in the nude.

This leaving-your-clothes situation creates an awkward first meeting with his wife – a six-years-old child at the time – when he shows up in her backyard completely naked. And here is the problem I see in the novel. Nothing sinister happens and you really don’t get the sense that something will happen, but there is just something a little creepy about the nude 40-year-old and the six-year-old child. Just sayin’. Luckily, I was able to get past this by page 120 and didn’t really dwell on it for the rest of the novel.

If you’re looking for a happy story, this is not it. I did, however, find it very “true.” The “science-fictiony” plot points in the novel were almost superfluous to the relationship between Henry and Clare. While it gave an interesting twist to a “meet and fall in love” story, their lives together gave a touching and sometimes brutal depiction of falling in love, getting married, having children, and losing the ones you love…and waiting.

Have fun reading. I hope I didn’t give too much away.

February 4. A complete mess

It’s February. Like so many New Year’s goals before, my goals have been COMPLETELY derailed. I mean everything. I’ve had 3 cokes a day. I’ve gained back the 3 pounds I lost in January, I haven’t even started the first book of my challenge, and I’ve had mostly fast food this week.

Let’s just say kind of a lot happened in the last couple weeks. I quit caring about my goals for a while.

Baby steps back on the wagon. Ham sandwiches for dinner. Okay, so I washed it down with Coke. I finished reading a book. It wasn’t the book on my challenge, but hey. And I don’t think I’ve gained weight since yesterday, but who knows.

I’ve been having dreams lately about going back to work. I know I’m not ready to leave the little guy at daycare again, but I miss going to work everyday. Sound crazy? I miss having structure to my day.