Counting down the hours.

I’ve needed this weekend all week. After several days of travel (two of those days being over last weekend), I get a weekend with the family. I have no idea what we’re going to do, but I’m excited to have some adult company and help with the little one. My back could certainly use the rest. I can’t remember if I mentioned it on this blog, but at Fynn’s last appointment he weighed in at 29 lbs and 14 oz and 33 1/2 inches long. He’s a BIG boy. My doctor was shocked at his height and had to measure him twice. I think we’re in trouble when he’s a teenager if he doesn’t start slowing down on the growth.

Poor Fynn had a little accident last night. Nate had to do some things on the boat (we have a sailboat in McKinley Marina), so Fynn and I walked down with him (we live near the lake). It’s actually pretty easy to watch him in the boat because he can cruise on the seating and the floor is deep. That’s what I thought, anyways. Until he was bending to pick something up and his feet sliped on the bottom of the boat and he bashed his mouth into the fiberglass seat. Luckily he just bit his lip really hard (which is already healing this morning). But boy did it bleed…a lot. It didn’t take long to stop, but we were really freaked out. Once he stopped crying and reallized it looked worse than it actually was, we tried to remind ourselves that this is just one of many, many injuries that will come throughout his life. Poor babies.

He seems fine today. I feel guilty about last night so I let him watch Sesame Street. We usually don’t watch TV in the morning…or in the afternoon, but he gets treats today.

Just feeling overwhelmed…

I’m on the second leg of Nate’s work trips for the week, and I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’ve kept myself busy by going out with friends and shopping today, but I think it hit me around 5:45 PM when I woke up on the couch and didn’t know where I was and forgot that I’d put Fynn down for a nap at 3:45 PM that I’m really, really tired. So after a few moments of panic, I woke up my sleeping child and tried to pull myself together. Although, I have to say that a two hour nap right before dinner doesn’t really help the evening bedtime struggles we’ve been going through lately.

Speaking of bedtime stuggles, we really haven’t been hitting our groove lately on bedtime. For a while we had it down that 7:30 PM was bedtime, but with being busy and getting home too late we’ve been putting him to bed at 8:30 PM, which I believe is way too late. Also, his naps are completely screwed up. On Saturday he took 1 one-hour nap. Then went to bed late. Oi. That was a crabby, tired baby. Then today, he took 2 two-hour naps and went to bed at 9:30 PM after much crying and nashing of teeth. I think tomorrow I’m going to have to be very on my game and work on a better schedule.

Speaking of baby “fun,” Fynn is still not on table foods. He does not like the texture of mushy things. For example – peas. Today we tried canned peas. He squished them, rubbed them into his hair, and then gagged when he put one in his mouth. He LOVES crunchy things. So puffs, cheese crunchies, graham crackers, gold-fish, and dried fruit are all fine, but veggies and regular fruit are not great. I know I just have to be patient with the eating thing, and I’m not concerned about his health on the purees, but I know he should be on table foods and he’s just not there yet. Any advice?

One really good thing – he’s off the formula! He’s on whole milk and he’s had no weird digestive issues or anything. It’s a small victory, but a good one. Formula is expensive and it’s good to have him off of it. He’s doing better with the sippy cup, but not great. I’m giving it now at every dinner and snack time. I think I just need to focus for a couple weeks on the eating stuff and try not to get to worked up about it. Except I get pretty worked up about everything…

One more night on my own before Nate comes home. I’m hoping the thunderstorms don’t arrive so he doesn’t get stranded in Baltimore. Crossing my fingers. I don’t know how single moms do it.

A travelling week…

It’s a travelling week for my hubby. He’s off to Canada on Tuesday through Thursday and Baltimore Saturday through Tuesday. While it sucks when he’s away, I try not to get too upset about it. It’s his job, of course. I just hate it when trips bunch up. Much like January. He’s always gone to two shows in January and then, of course, the Middle East trip last February. It’s nice that there is a significant break between shows, especially over the summer. I do think this week is going to go quickly.

Lots of sweets this weekend. I’m starting to feel like Bridget Jones. I should just start a running tally of my weight as well as the amount of calories I consume in a day. A little bit later I’m going on a pretty crazy fridge cleaning mission. NO MORE BAD FOOD! I think the only thing that has stopped me from plumping up over the last couple days is the amount of walking I’ve been doing. Thank goodness for summer!