Not the best week ever…for anything.

This has not been the best week. I’m starting to think that, as a mother, I’m accident prone. Maybe I should invest in a rubber apartment.

On Tuesday, I dropped my husband off at the airport for his 8-day trip to Europe for work at 7:30 AM. He was on his way to Atlanta for a several-hour layover. The morning was going really well. I stopped and bought breakfast for myself, Fynn went down for a nap really easily, but I cancelled plans to go out to Oconomowoc because Fynn’s nap schedule was pretty messed up. At about 10 AM, I decided it would be fun to go to the Zoo. My parents were (are) in town and I could do a lunch-time zoo run and still get Fynn down for an early afternoon nap.

I left at 10:40 to pick up my parents, and I got to Wisconsin Avenue when I realized I left my cell phone in my apartment. I thought about just going down to the marina (they stay in McKinley Marina on their boat when they’re in town), but then realized that if I couldn’t call them, I’d have to walk down to get them. So I decided I was 5 minutes away from my apartment and I might as well just go back up to the apartment and get it. I grabbed Fynn out of the car because we live 6 stories up and can’t just leave him in the car and run in. I got up to the apartment and for a split second I remembered that I hadn’t taken the baby gates down when I left. Then I spotted my phone on the desk and stepped over the gate holding Fynn with both arms in front. I was wearing tennis shoes and my toe of my shoe caught on the gate and I fell forward. Because of the way I was holding Fynn, I couldn’t grab the door frame When I realized we were going down I used my left arm to cushion Fynn’s head. His head hit the floor and I quickly assessed him and saw that he bit his tongue, but his head wasn’t bleeding and he didn’t lose consciousness. I called my pediatrician and they said that as long as he stops crying and his pupils aren’t dialated he’d probably be fine. He was still crying intermitently but he was quieting down, and I figured he’d stop once we were on the road and he’d be okay.

I didn’t see anything wrong with his leg. It takes about 5-8 minutes to get down to the marina. Fynn had stopped crying by the time I’d pulled out of the driveway and I figured we were in the clear. As I pulled on to Lagoon Drive, Fynn had started whimpering in the backseat. I knew something was wrong. When I parked in the marina lot, I turned around and he was white as a sheet. Even his lips were white. Now that I look back, I think he was probably going into shock. I jumped out of the car and went to grab him out of the carseat when I saw his leg. There was a baseball-sized black and blue lump growing out of the side of his left shin. I knew it was broken, but I was hoping it wasn’t. I called my pediatrician and said we’d be there right away. My parents got in the car and we headed out. My dad was icing Fynn’s leg and comforting him in the backseat and he was just sobbing and sobbing. It was the worst sound I had ever heard.

I drove out to Tosa and we saw the doctor. He thought it might just be a terrible bruise, but also a hairline fracture was a possibility, so he sent me to get X-rays. Poor Fynn was sobbing and clutching me and my dad the entire time. It was terrible. One funny moment at the doctor’s office was when the doctor asked if I was hurt. It hadn’t even occured to me to think about it. But I realized my right arm had started to hurt pretty badly and I was quickly losing mobility.

After we got the X-rays (which were really fun because they had to put sand bags on his arms to hold him down…he loved that…), we found out that Fynn’s leg was not only broken, but he had broken both bones. The doctor sent us to Childrens’ Hospital with the films. By this point, Fynn had stopped crying and he just looked uncomfortable. We got right in at Children’s and they said that because the initial diagnosis was already done and that we already had the films that they would just have to determine if they would have to sedate and set the leg or maybe have surgery if there was any additional damage to the surrounding joints.

By this point I had called Nate who was in Atlanta still waiting for his flight to Germany. We decided (with his boss’s help) that he was going to try to catch a flight back to Milwaukee. I also could barely move my right arm at this point in the day. I thought it was either really badly sprained or there was a broken bone in there, too. Nate was able to get on a flight that got back to MKE at 6 PM that night.

We found out that Fynn’s bones were not out of alignment and that there was no additional damage to the rest of the leg, so the orthopedic surgeon said that the doctor could just put Fynn’s leg in a splint. I was so relieved. Unfortunately, we found out that Fynn could not put ANY weight on the leg at all for the next 4-5 weeks. Oh, man… They put the splint on (but they had to do it a second time because they didn’t give it enough bend), and we were out the door. Fynn didn’t even cry when they put the splint on for the second time (although he was pretty high on the pain medication they had sprayed up his nose).

We go to the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday the 27th to get more X-rays and get Fynn’s cast.

Fynn has been doing as well as can be expected. He’s hurting, but he seems to be getting back to his regular happy self. He’s just pretty frustrated that he can’t run around the house. Nate and I have been taking turns (with my parents’ help) sitting next to him on the floor and playing with him. We don’t normally let Fynn watch a lot of television, which has come in handy in the last couple days because there are SO many kids movies the kid has not seen. When he starts getting super frustrated we’ve been popping in a movie for him and he cuddle him until he calms down. They also sent us home with some pretty strong pain medicine for him. The good news there is that he only uses it at night now and he gets Tylenol throughout the day.

We haven’t gotten a lot of sleep in the past few days, and I’ve been pretty emotional about the entire thing. I’m happy Nate and my parents are here. They have been awesome. I haven’t been to the doctor about my arm. I can’t bring myself to leave the little guy to go. As you can see I can type. I’m slowly getting mobility back, so I think it’s just a terrible bruise. I know it is for sure bruised because there is a black and blue ring around my elbow that runs down the underside of my arm. Ouch…

Well, say a little prayer for us for the next couple weeks. We both will feel a lot better once his cast is on. Then it’s a waiting game until it comes off. We got him out of the house today to go to Target. He seemed to like getting out and about, so we’re making plans for the weekend.

That’s all for now. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

And the morning disintegrates.

The morning started off well enough. Fynn woke up bright and early at 7 A.M. We cuddled in bed watching Sesame Street until about 7:45 A.M. Got out of bed and had breakfast, and then played until 9:00 A.M. At which point Fynn grabbed a blanket and a stuffed animal and tried to climb on my lap. Apparently, he was tired…or so I thought. I grabbed a Nuk and popped it in his mouth and we settled on the couch to cuddle (because Fynn still gets rocked to sleep…I know, I know, he should be falling to sleep on his own…I’m following the path of least resistance). That is when the angry cries started. We cuddled for about 20 minutes when it became clear that he was struggling more than settling. I let him play a bit on the floor. At which point he started rubbing his eyes and his entire face into the carpet. Obviously a tired baby. So then I picked him up and thought, “Maybe he’s hot and just wants to fall asleep on his own.” So I put him in his crib and figured I’d quick hop in the shower while he’s settling down. He didn’t cry…more like just yelled as he played in his crib for the 15 minutes I was in the shower. When I got out I thought, “Maybe he wants a little snack.” So he ate about 10 puffs and one by one threw the rest on the floor. Then he drank a few sips of milk and yelled “DA DUN” – traslation – “all done”. So I put him on the floor to play a little and he again was rubbing his eyes and complaining loudly. So I picked him up, popped a Nuk in his mouth and we cuddled on the couch…until he started screaming and screaming and screaming and rubbing his eyes and pulling his hair. He finally fell asleep screaming at about 10:50 AM.

I think he’s teething. I’m going to go to my corner and cry now.

That is all.

New Year’s Goals – Reboot

We are six months into the new year and I have to say my New Years Goals are falling a little short. I have yet to lose more than 3 pounds, I’m still drinking soda, I’ve read several books (but by no means as many as I should), and we’re still eating out way more than we should (we’ve discovered take out…bad).

With that said, I’m NOT giving up. There are still 6 more months to this year and I will reach these goals. A few things are helping me on my path.

1. Weight. In six months I’ve lost all of 3 pounds. I’m going to blame a little of that on my back injury, but I’ve learned a couple things this week that I think will help me get back on track. 1. When I spin, my back doesn’t hurt anymore. Strange but true. While I’m on the bike, I feel no pain what-so-ever. This is a very interesting development and I’ve decided a blessing, really. So I’ve been on the bike nearly every night this week. And the final night I rode for 25 minutes and barely broke a sweat, so I need to amp it up. All good news. I’m thinking that if I get in better shape the back problems will take care of themselves. 2. To that end, I’ve signed up for Yogilates at my friend’s studio for Monday evenings through the end of summer. I’m pretty pumped about it. I’m feeling back on track and with just a week of working out I’ve noticed my mood has improved as well. The house is even clean (although cluttered).

2. Sugary sodas. Okay I’m drinking a Coke as I type this blog. Sad, but true. I have three more Cokes in the fridge and I intend to drink those as well. But then…that’s it. I’m not buying one more soda and bringing it into my house. I’ve purchased coffee, and I’ll start my morning with that to ward off the headache. Hopefully the working out will increase my energy levels and I won’t need that afternoon Coke to get me through until evening. Keeping my fingers crossed because I have this feeling that the sugary sodas are thwarting my weight-loss attempts. I guess I don’t have a “feeling” as much as I know that they are thwarting my weight-loss attempts.

3. Reading. Okay, so working from home even part time has been interesting. I’m not putting in as many hours as I should and kids are expensive. With that said, Nate and I have a much tighter budget than we’ve had in the past and it’s been quite an adjustment to just his income and less than a quarter of my previous income. So we’ve been looking through our budget at possible trimming we could do to save a little cash. One item keeps popping up – cable. We pay a ridiculous amount on cable, and I’ll admit I spend a ridiculous amount of time watching cable. It’s silly, really. I should be reading books. I’m sick of TV, and there is nothing I really want to watch, so why am I paying for PREMIUM cable. To that end, we’re dropping HBO/HBO On Demand and all of our premium cable channels. We’ll at least save $20-$30 per month. It’s a start and it will help this reading goal a lot. Of course, reading can be and expensive habit as well, so I’ve renewed my library card and we’ve already started using it. Much better idea than buying, plus my shelves are full and another shelf will not fit in our living room.

4. Eating out/cooking. We’ve already started getting better at this. We looked at how much money we were spending on going out and decided that it was crazy. So we’re starting slow and we’ve been going to Trader Joes to pick up food. It’s way cheaper, especially for two + people and our grocery bill has nearly been cut in half. Plus, the majority of the food is organic which has made me feel much better already. Strange how that works.

Well that’s the New Year’s Goals update. I refuse to give up on this. I want to be able to say that I’ve accomplished all of these goals in December. I know I can do it. A little will power and a little determination and I’ll be able to push through.


There are so many things to worry about with kids. I know you experienced mommies out there know what I mean (and probably worry a little less after 1). Just a week ago I was freaked out about Fynn not drinking his sippy and not trying non-purees. What a difference a couple weeks make. This week, Fynn has been drinking exclusively from the sippy cup, and he’s getting more adventurous about which cup he uses. Plus, he’s been trying new foods that Nate and I are eating – last night: rice. Not to mention the big change that started on June 26. The little monster man is walking! It is so strange to watch him walk around the house. Only 13 months ago he couldn’t even roll to his side or smile! Those little babies grow up so fast.

We had some more good news this week. Fynn got back into his daycare for September. So 2 and a half days a week he’ll be heading to the nuns. All of the teachers are really nice, so I’m pretty happy he got back in. I really didn’t want to try to find another good daycare.

I’m very excited about the weekend. I’m desparatley trying to clean up the house so I won’t feel guilty about not doing anything this weekend. So far, the living room, bedrooms, and the laundry is done. Tomorrow I’m working on the kitchen and Nate is working on the bathroom when he gets home from work. Then – a clean house and a fun-filled weekend. A friend’s 40th birthday party on Saturday, then we are headed down to the boat with the Fynn and friends for 3rd of July fireworks (hopefully he makes it through this year and I don’t have to try to drive back up the hill during the festivities. And we just got invited to a party out in Oconomowoc on July 4, complete with a parade…yay!

That’s it for now. Have a blessed and safe holiday weekend, friends!