Feb. 16

One of my biggest hurtles with my New Year’s Goals has definitely been the baby/winter/gym time situation. We acquired the workout DVD series P90X a while back. I’m typically not someone who likes workout DVDs. They are usually pretty weak. My heart rate never gets high enough and I never really feel like they work. Well that is not the case with P90X. I was about ready to pass out after 20 minutes. Now that could be because I’m so incredibly out of shape. But I believe that any DVD series that warms up with a round of Power Yoga is probably pretty good. I’m going to give this a try for a while…at least until I’m able to go outside with the lad.

Other than that, with Nate gone the anti-soda regime continues. I’ve had more than I care to admit, but I’ve been pretty good lately. I prefer water, milk, or juice and that seems to be working.

Reading – not so good. I’ve had a LOT of work lately. So my free time has been spent making money instead of reading for my challenge. I’m sort of caught up now so I think it will be better now.

All in all things are better. I miss Nate. I hate it when he leaves for long stretches. We haven’t been apart this long since college when he would go home to California in the summers. That used to be awful. He’ll be home soon. Counting the days.

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