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Happy (almost) New Year!

Well, it’s not all balloons, confetti, and roses at our house this New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, the little man is not the only sick person in the house. Now, all three of us have the COD (cold of death). Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Day 2 of the diet…and my monster is sick.

And by my monster I mean my little guy. Fynn has been sick for about 7 days now with a pretty nasty cold. He’s been particularly strange today. Crying and screaming for no reason and being downright difficult. I’ve been … Continue reading

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I’m so hungry. :/

While I appreciate the results from a good healthy diet, I really, really hate the first three days of any diet. No matter how many good things I eat, I’m still craving those carbohydrates. Sugar addictions are really nasty. No … Continue reading

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Is it almost January again? More goals.

Wasn’t it just January 2011? It is truly incredible how fast these years are flying by. It’s true, the little ones don’t stay little for very long. It seems like Fynn is doing one more “big boy” thing every day. … Continue reading

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Losing my schmidt.

I’m sure many of you have read “Rants from Mommyland” . If not, do, it’s awesome. Thus, I’m honoring them with the title of this blog. I haven’t written in this darned thing since June. Kinda a lot has happened … Continue reading

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