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It started as a voice in the back of my mind…

My family and I went to Good Friday service this evening. I really enjoy the Good Friday service at our church. It’s emotional, raw, and it doesn’t feel stiff and diluted. Regardless of what you believe, what happened to Jesus … Continue reading

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Goodbye Plateau

Finally, I’m off that stinking weight loss plateau. After about 4 weeks, I’m finally making downward progress. I think that a major development has been not being sick as a dog. My teeth are out, the cold is gone, and … Continue reading

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Monday = walks & sticks

I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s finally getting warm out. I would say that the only real problem with living in an apartment, aside from having to lug your laundry to the basement – which sucks, … Continue reading

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What a difference 11 hours of sleep make…

I know what you’re thinking: How did you get 11 hours of sleep?? 🙂 I only got 7.5 hours of sleep (although it was heavenly after the 4-5 I’ve been getting). Mr. Fynn slept from 8 PM (when he finally … Continue reading

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