Monday = walks & sticks

I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s finally getting warm out. I would say that the only real problem with living in an apartment, aside from having to lug your laundry to the basement – which sucks, is not having a backyard. It’s not easy to bundle up the child and take him out to play. The nearest park is Lincoln Memorial. So for most of the winter, we’re inside. Both of us feel way too cooped up.

After Fynn’s nap today, we went out to the park. I think Fynn would have a good gig with the County Parks. He spent the majority of our walk through the grass picking up sticks. He had about 10 sticks that he was carrying under one arm. On the way back (after I made him drop the sticks for a while we were walking towards the lake), he started the stick collection again. At least by the time we ventured back inside, we only had one stick…which caused a temper tantrum when I had to put it in the trash. So, one stick off the lawn…you’re welcome Milwaukee County Parks.

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  1. Erika says:

    I hear that. At the moment, I have two sticks in my trunk. They are the remnants of two weekend hikes at Lapham Peak. They go in the trunk so Mikko keeps his eyes. Fits.

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