Should be sleeping.

Almost 11 PM and I’m still up, so I thought I’d blog. Nate is in Chicago for the next couple of days for work, and I’m hanging out with the little man solo.

On Friday, Nate and I are going to Minneapolis to see my brother and his wife perform in an outdoor production of Julius Caesar. We’re excited to see them, and we’re excited for a night away. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but Friday night will be the first night that I’ve been away from Fynn … ever. I’ve never been away from Fynn longer than 10 hours since he’s been born (and before!). My parents are coming down to watch the little guy. They are pretty excited about it, but I’m already feeling emotional about this. I know that I need to do this because in November Nate and I will be going to Mexico for a week. If I don’t spend a couple of nights away to “warm up” to this, I think I’ll be a complete mess in November.

I love summer in Wisconsin; I can’t help myself. It’s green, sunny, warm, and very, very busy. I’m convinced that we all hibernate in the winter and that’s why we make tons and tons of plans in the summer. I seriously need to find a babysitter who isn’t one of my friends because I already need a sitter for about 5 things coming up in June and July. Between parties, weddings, and other events, pretty much every weekend is booked solid for the next 5 weeks, or at least that’s what it feels like.
Ah, well. So glad it’s summer. 🙂

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