I’ve found that a cranky infant who will not take naps is a formidable opponent to New Year’s goals. One break through for the day was that after my second handful of Ruffles, they made their way to the trash where they belong. Also on a “positive” note, I got in some good exercise by shoveling.

Right now, the Fynn and I are taking a little break. He’s sitting in his exersaucer and raspberrying and rubbing his eyes in exhaustion and I’m sitting on the couch planning my next move. He seems happy at the moment so I’m waiting for the total meltdown that is on the way. He has only had 1 hour of sleep all day. Yikes.

Needless to say I believe I will be up late tonight working on my other job. I have a good 4 hours of work to get in and I’m not getting any closer to accomplishing it.

Well, I better see if I can tame the beast.

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  1. Olya says:

    gotta love it when they refuse to nap….

  2. Shannon says:

    Non-napping babies who really need a nap are really no fun! Hope you finally got him to sleep.

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