Day 26 and more musings

If it were not only 25 degrees out, Fynn and I would be hitting the sidewalk to get some exercise. In fact, I might take him to the mall to walk today. I just know I need to get out of the house. I need some good exercise. I think the fact that I would like to exercise is progress. I’m counting it toward my goals.

I’ve also made a little progress on the TV front. Typically Tuesdays are my Law and Order marathon days. Not that I sit and watch it, but it’s always on in the background. Well, since Fynn has decided that when the TV is on he will stare at it without blinking, the TV has gone off and now we listen to music and play. Or I write and work while he scoots around or jumps in his bouncer or plays with his toys. Either way, it’s much better.

My soda cravings have been getting better. I told a friend the other day that Coca-Cola tastes like defeat, and it does. So, coffee for breakfast, milk for lunch, and water for dinner. Not that I don’t sneak every once in a while. Sometimes you have to sneak.

So I found a good link and I’m thinking about applying it’s advice every week and see if it works. “52 Ways to Lose a Pound a Week.” It was on MSN this morning. I really like the first one. “Ditch all or nothing thinking”. With all of my goals, I’m trying to do that. Just because I ate a cheeseburger, doesn’t mean my diet is over and I’ll start again next January…which has happened before. It just means that I have to eat a healthy lunch and dinner tomorrow and hopefully the day after that. Instead of dieting, I need to think about changing the way I eat. That takes time. Just like it takes time to change anything in your life.

This morning a friend of mine told me a story about relationships. Relationships with family, etc. That got me thinking about my own relationships with family. I think another goal of mine will be to strengthen my relationships this year. It’s easy to get caught up in your life, especially when a good chunk of your family live far away or are just as caught up in their own lives. Little gestures go a long way. Let’s see how many of those I can make this year.

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