February 4. A complete mess

It’s February. Like so many New Year’s goals before, my goals have been COMPLETELY derailed. I mean everything. I’ve had 3 cokes a day. I’ve gained back the 3 pounds I lost in January, I haven’t even started the first book of my challenge, and I’ve had mostly fast food this week.

Let’s just say kind of a lot happened in the last couple weeks. I quit caring about my goals for a while.

Baby steps back on the wagon. Ham sandwiches for dinner. Okay, so I washed it down with Coke. I finished reading a book. It wasn’t the book on my challenge, but hey. And I don’t think I’ve gained weight since yesterday, but who knows.

I’ve been having dreams lately about going back to work. I know I’m not ready to leave the little guy at daycare again, but I miss going to work everyday. Sound crazy? I miss having structure to my day.

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2 Responses to February 4. A complete mess

  1. Carrie says:

    Don’t feel bad. Last night I ate like a five-year-old: french fries, chicken tenders, and Juicy Juice fruit punch. Then I ate ice cream. After that, a shot of whiskey.

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