Cranky. Pants.

Fynn sure did wake up on the wrong side the bed today. Luckily, he went back to sleep at 8:30 AM so I could take a breather and get some coffee. Right at this moment I’m blogging while he watches Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Let’s just say we’re going to our respective corners to have some space. Do babies need space. Maybe mommies need space more than babies.

One thing I have going for me today is that he didn’t “win”. That’s the nice way Nate puts it when he comes home and the house is a complete wreck. The dishes are washed, the bed is made, and the chicken is marinating. So, Fynn “lost” today. Mommy won. That’s better.

I had my second private yoga session with my friend Melanie today. It was great. All of that stretching felt fantastic and she sure was working me out because I was seriously sweating. At Yoga! The little guy was really good, all things considered. He didn’t cry, he played with his toys, and he only got into everything during the last 1/2 hour. Hey, you can’t expect a baby to sit through a 75 minute yoga class and not get a little antsy.

I’m still thinking about my working dilema. Thank you, Olya and Shannon, for offering advice. I’m still trying to figure it out. I just need to sit down and do the math and figure out the schedule and what it’s worth to me.

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2 Responses to Cranky. Pants.

  1. Shannon says:

    I think babies do sometimes need their space. Probably not as often as their mommies, but they do need it. Bravo to you for recognizing that fact.

    I think my kids “win” more than they “lose”. 🙂 But there’s nothing wrong with that.

    It’s quite impressive that Fynn lasted as long as he did at your yoga session. Beth’s limit is about 20 minutes and then she wants attention. Good luck figuring out you work dilemma. I’m sure you’ll do what’s best for you and Fynn (and Nate).

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