The Biggest Loser

So, I do love the show The Biggest Loser. I can’t help myself. Tonight I got pretty irritated at one of the contestants. This season Rulon Gardner is on the show. If you don’t remember him, he’s the USA Gold Medal winner in the Greco Roman Wrestling at the 2000 Olympic Games. During one scene in the show, Rulon tells Jillian Michaels that he is overweight because he’s never believed that anyone truly loved him…say it with me now….”Awwwww.” I couldn’t help thinking, “Bullshit.” You’re overweight because you stood on the podium in the Olympic Games, had the feeling (be it ever so brief) that you were a god, and then came home to the reality of having to find a job, etc. You achieved your goal and then never set a new one. So you’re goal-less, feeling inadequate, and you’re bored. So, you eat.

So, Biggest Loser producers, (if you’re reading) I have one name for you – Dara Torres. I couldn’t help but get sucked into her story during the 2008 Olympic Games. Here is a new mom (and former Olympic althete) at 41 years old who decides that she needs to lose her baby-weight, so she decides to do it by training again as if she’s going back to the Olympics…then decides to go. Oh, and did I mention that she broke her own American swimming record in 2008. Wow. Did I mention that she’s training for 2012 after having reconstructive surgery on her knees? Now, I think that Rulon needs a swift kick in the arse by someone who won’t believe his crap. I believe that Dara Torres is that girl. She’s awesome. Everytime I think that I’ll never get back into shape, I think. Good grief, I’m not training for the Olympics…and I’m only 32. Get a grip. 🙂 I think Rulon needs to get a grip.

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