Messy breakfast

I believe that my toddler thinks that yogurt is both a yummy dish and a face moisturizer. A few minutes ago, he was rubbing it all over his face and wearing his yogurt bowl as a hat. Alas, I’m still not used to sticky hands, face, and hair. Poor little kid gets a accosted by a wash cloth several times during the day. He may not be able to talk, yet, but I imagine him saying, “Oh, mom, stop…stop! STOP!”

Nate is on his way to Savannah this week. Fynn and I are on our own until Thursday night. I’m not entirely sure what the little guy and I are going to do this week. Today I think we’re going to stay in, do some playing, resting, and relaxing. Fynn, of course, has already begun dismantling our home. He’s very good at that.

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One Response to Messy breakfast

  1. Shannon says:

    Beth is such a messy eater! More so than Alex was. And man, does she scream when you approach with a washcloth!

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