Where’s the sun? This has been a terrible May. My mood has been in a steady downhill slide since we had that wonderful, glorious 80 degree day a while back. I mistakenly forgot which state I live in and assumed that spring had arrived and that the rest of spring would be just as glorious. That was stupid.

It probably doesn’t help that my back problems have been flaring up again. It’s so frustrating. I feel like I’m making some progress and – wham – I’m back to where I was three months ago. Back to a ton of Advil and icing my back. This time I haven’t been letting the back stuff slow me down too much. I’m still taking Fynn out to do things and just sucking it up. Movement is actually better for back problems than just lying around anyway.

Another thing that has come to a screeching halt is my weight-loss goals. I’ve been sneaking in crappy food. It’s not that I’m gaining weight – luckily – it’s just that I’ve stopped losing. To get a little motivation, I watched Biggest Loser last night. I was reminded once again that I have to stop bitching about the 10 pounds I need to lose and just put down the peanut M&Ms.

Given the fact that my back problems have resurfaced, I need to refocus my energy on working out. Increasing blood flow to herniated disks helps them heal…although they will never fully heal. At least it will keep the month-long flare ups at bay.

The good news is that I feel as though I’m still making progress on my goals. I’ve definitely been reading more. I have been avoiding regular soda, and for the most part I’ve been eating healthy food – at home, too! It’s a good time to refocus my energy. Once the crappy weather goes away, there will be plenty of time to get outside and get good exercise. I’m pretty confident that I will hit my goal by July 4th. Definitely before the family and I go out to California to visit Nate’s parents and family.

Wish me luck! And good luck on your goals, too!

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  1. Olya says:

    Oooh, you changed your theme!

    Oh, and apparently God heard your prayer and sent us sunny weather 🙂

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