Day 5 … and Success!

Happy New Year! So far the day has been interesting. Besides the EPIC temper tantrum this morning because I wouldn’t let him play with the knife drawer, the little man is doing better. Nate and I were actually able to give him amoxicillin without covering ourselves with it as well. I love how the pharmacist gives you the medicine and says, “Good luck.” Because that’s exactly what you need to give a toddler medicine. At least this isn’t as bad as the eye drops for pink eye. That was the worst! Nothing like holding your son down while he screams his little head off and there is nothing you can do about it because he has to have the medicine. But, I digress.

Day 5 in my Dr. Oz plan calls for me to memorize a poem. I should have mentioned before that the 28 day plan is a mind, body, soul kind of plan. Due to the fact that memorizing yet another poem makes me think about graduate school, I think I’ll skip this one (and just read a book) and move on to Day 6. Oooooops. Okay, Day 6 is “Get Busy Getting Busy.” I’m SO not going to blog about that here. Darn it, blushing already.

On to Day 7 “Write Every Bite, Scribble Every Nibble.” Oh, I like this one. This is quite frankly the best thing I believe a person can do to lose weight. I really do have to write down everything I eat and count those calories. Before I started doing this last year (when I lost 20 pounds), I had no idea how much I was eating. I mean, I guessed 200 calories, 500 calories, but really didn’t have a good concept of how much total I was consuming during the day. A friend of mine showed me the Lose It! ap for the iPhone. It also has a website: The best part about this ap – it’s FREE. Plus, the people who use it really do support each other. I’ve posted my weight loss on their Facebook page and so many people show you the support and love. It’s awesome. I’m really fortunate that my husband is doing the Lose It! thing with me again. We both log, we’re friends through the site, and I can see his progress and he can see mine. Plus, this time around they added bar code scanning. Ooooooo. Now that is awesome.

The good news is that this morning, after only doing the diet for 5 days, I lost 2 pounds! It may not sound like a lot, but that little needle moving 2 little notches is pretty awesome. I even feel skinnier. Because we’ve been doing so well, we treated ourselves with a pizza today. The best part is that the pizza was the California Pizza Kitchen Thin Crust Sicilian, which is only 540 calories for ½ of the pizza. It was delicious and it didn’t destroy my progress. Perfect.

Well, back to relaxing while the little one naps. Enjoy your day everyone!

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