January 2 + Day 6

Hello from day six of the diet. Now that the carbohydrate addiction has abated, I can actually think clearly and I’m not starving all of the time. Today was a good day for healthy decisions. The family and I were out and about today, shopping and getting photos taken, and we had to make the dreaded “all of us are hungry and our son only eats chicken nuggets” decision. We decided to head to the golden arches because we were in a hurry. Doesn’t that sound familiar? After debating what to eat using my handy-dandy LoseIt! ap, I went with the Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich (no mayo) – only 350 calories and 9 grams of fat and skipped the French fries. Perfect. Disaster averted even though that cheeseburger still looked pretty good.

Speaking of food, the hubby and I have returned to cooking from our favorite cookbooks on the planet – Cooking Light. Between the cookbooks and the website, it is a great place to find low-calorie delicious recipes. One of the reasons for failure with the majority of the diet attempts I make is a lack of variety. I really hate eating the same thing all of the time. Plus, when we’re busy and don’t have a plan we fall back on easy foods that are not very healthy – mostly pasta dishes – so basically sugar. So far this week, we’ve enjoyed 5 recipes from the book and they have all been yummy. Last night, we ate the gruyere, arugula, and prosciutto stuffed chicken breast – delicious and only 300 calories. The only change I would make is skip the sauce because it’s a little weird and doesn’t add a lot to the dish. I have to say that I’m particularly lucky because my husband really likes to cook and he’s willing to go on a diet with me. I’m a pretty blessed wife.

According to my Dr. Oz plan (here’s the link to it on Oprah’s website), today is “Sweat, Even Just a Bit” day. While I didn’t officially exercise today on my Spin bike, I did take the toddler to the mall for photos (which is exercise…you mommies understand), ventured to Buy Buy Baby (oh, how I love this store. I love you, Buy Buy Baby!) to buy a potty and a booster seat for the Fynn (a “Cars” potty with a gear shift that makes car noises! Hopefully this will make my potty training adventure/nightmare bearable), and cleaned the kitchen. I’m counting all of these activities as my exercise for today. I did sweat a little, promise.

I chalk day 6 up to another success! The husband goes back to work tomorrow and on we go.

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