And the diet continues (really!)

Fifteen days into the diet and I’m still going strong. I’ve still only dropped 2 pounds, but I’m finally resting comfortably within my allotted calories. It’s always a balancing act between meals. If I don’t eat enough for breakfast or lunch, dinner is a disaster. If I eat too much for lunch, I don’t eat enough for dinner and I’m starving by 10 p.m. I feel like I have a fairly good handle on it now. I’m even doing little calorie cutting things – like leaving the extra teaspoon of sugar out of my coffee. We’re still indulging in dark chocolate (thank you, Dr. Oz), but at 50 calories for a square, it’s a nice little treat.

Speaking of good ol’ Dr. Oz. I’m actually on Day 16 “Calculate your BMI” which I did today. I didn’t do it by hand because…well…I’m an English major. So I just used the U.S. Health and Human Services link. I’d like to sit in the middle of the normal range. I feel like I can not only achieve that, but I can be at a good happy weight at that level. There are, of course, a ton of health benefits for being in the normal range – from lowering blood pressure to lowering risks of type 2 diabetes.

I start yoga on the 21st. I’m pretty excited about that. It has just been too long since I’ve been in the studio. I’ve gone to the same yoga studio for years – Tosa Yoga. A very good friend of mine runs it and she is just awesome. I even did private lessons with her when my back was a mess. It helped quite a bit.

So, I’m still picking a book. It’s between 3 – The Gravedigger’s Daughter, Middlesex, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I have to pick tonight.

Happy dieting and reading everyone. That’s what January is for, right?

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