Need some…votes.

So I’m struggling to figure out what to read next. Anyone have any advice? Here are the choices because I’m not allowed to buy any more books. It’s a self inflicted fast:

“The Gravedigger’s Daughter” Joyce Carol Oates (because I love being depressed by novels)
“The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo” Larsson (What?? I think Daniel Craig is hot and I will think of him while I read)
“Water for Elephants” Gruen (I bought it and am regretting it but I feel like I should now read it because I own it…)
“The Street Lawyer” Grisham (because it’s better than cooking shows…maybe)
“War and Peace” Tolstoy (I figured I’d redeem myself with this choice…after the Grisham)
“Middlesex” Eugenides (because it’s been on my shelf for like…years)
“The Joy Luck CLub” (I hear I’m supposed to read it)


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5 Responses to Need some…votes.

  1. Olya says:

    To be honest, NONE of them seem appealing. Have you considered going to the library? 🙂

    I just read “The Tipping Point” by Malcolm Gladwell, and really liked it. Trying to finish “The Happiness Project” (or, as I am calling it, “Even the 1% get the blues”), because it is due tomorrow.

    If I absolutely HAVE to vote, go for “Girl With A Dragon Tattoo,” “Joy Luck Club,” and “War And Peace” (to quote my Mom, “I read the Peace parts and skimmed the War parts. And then we had to write an exam on the subject of “The significance of the sky above the oak tree during the battle of [whatever that battle was]”)

  2. erin says:

    :)But Olya! The library doesn’t have adequate access to e-books. One of the books I wanted had a waiting list of 600 people. Um, so I’d be able to read it in like 12 years… 😀 I know, I know…I could check out paper books….but see…I bought this e-reader. 😉

    Thanks for the votes. I’ve been leaning towards the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” for a fun book.

  3. CJ says:

    Middlesex, for sure! I’m currently reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver, which is also wonderful.

  4. erin says:

    Thanks, Carrie. You know, I started Middlesex a while ago, but couldn’t really get into it. I liked what I read, but I think I just need a bunch of time when I’m not interrupted.

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