Stupid wagons.

January 24, and as I sit here I’m eating M&Ms. Darn it. I am such a stress eater. The last couple weeks have been rough. Poor Fynn has just been so frustrated with speech therapy. It doesn’t help, I’m sure, that I’m frustrated as well. We’re sucking all of the joy out of playtime by constantly harping on language. Poor little kid. I had a long talk with Fynn’s speech therapist this morning, and we both think it’s a good idea to back off with the speech play at home. Not that we’d stop, but let Fynn lead the playtime so he doesn’t feel pressure. I’m down with that. I’m so stressed out by it that I can’t imagine that Fynn doesn’t feel it just emanating from me.

But since I’m stressed, I’m eating. Boo. Time to get back on the stupid wagon today. I’m putting down the M&Ms right now, I promise.

I did get to yoga on Saturday morning. I’m still sore, but it was amazing. It was a great way to start the day. Can’t wait until next Saturday.

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3 Responses to Stupid wagons.

  1. Rochelle says:

    SO understandable that speech therapy could throw you from the wagon. Hang in there.

    And for the record: I hate that stupid wagon…in the process of hopping back on myself. 🙂

  2. erin says:

    Thanks, Rochelle! Good luck getting back on your wagon. I have to get to a point where I don’t get so derailed. Alas. 🙂

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