The boy.

Too smart

Me: Fynn, hurry up. We’re going to be late for OT.
Fynn: (doesn’t look up)
Me: Fynn, seriously, get your shoes.
Fynn: (silence)
Me: Fynn do you understand?
Fynn: (blank stare)
Me: Okay, maybe you’re too tired for Carol and want to take a nap instead?
Fynn: But it’s still light out!! I get shoes.
Me: (mutters under her breath) Doesn’t understand a word.

Eating – our life

Me: Fynn, what do you want for dinner? (Fynn hasn’t touched on thing on his plate.)
Fynn: Hotcakes!
Nate: Would you eat hotcakes?
Fynn: Dum Dums!
Me: You can’t eat Dum Dums for dinner.
Nate: Do you want yogurt?
Fynn: Ice cream!
Me: Okay, I’ll get you ice cream. (Frozen Go Gurt)
Fynn: Peanut butter and apples!
Me: Okay, I’ll get that too.
Fynn: No. M&Ms!
Nate: Wow.

The (stupid) Potty

Me: Fynn, potty break.
Fynn: (screams) No potty break.
Me: Fynn, potty break, now.
Fynn: (just screams)
Me: (firm) Fynn, now. Move.
Fynn: Okay, okay! Be nice!
Me: (rubbing temples)
Fynn: Mommy funny.

The Big Bed

(5 AM, Fynn has been in the bed since 2 AM)

Fynn: Wake up!
Me: Fynn, go back to sleep.
Fynn: Wake up, Daddy!
Nate: Fynn, go back to sleep.
Fynn: Fynn milk!
Me: Just a minute.
Fynn: (whispers in my ear) Fynn milk.
Me: Ask Daddy.
Fynn: (yells) Daddy, milk!
Nate: Tell mommy.
Fynn: Mommy, milk!
Me: Go back to sleep.
Fynn: I can’t. The bed too small.
Nate: Yes, it is.

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    I second Olya! LOL!

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