House hunting.

“Home is the nicest word there is.” ― Laura Ingalls Wilder

Yep, you read that correctly. Nate and I are house hunting. Biting the bullet. Giving in. Reluctantly agreeing that maybe we need more space and parking.

Even though we’re ready to look, I can’t help but get a little sad when I look out my front windows at the lake. I do love that view.

Above the normal house purchase wants and needs, there are two important requirements – to be in Milwaukee County so Mia doesn’t have to change all of her therapists and a public school that has an excellent rating.

That has been the toughest part about this whole thing – the schools. There are houses that are just off the list because the public school rating is a 1 or 2. And you see, I have to have a public school back up because private or parochial school isn’t necessarily an option.

I just hate it that Mia’s disability complicates things. I’m really sad that sending her to a parochial or private school would be really, really hard. I understand all the reasons that schools can’t handle special students – cost, time, and teachers. I get it. It just doesn’t feel any better. It doesn’t feel very good that she’s shut out because of her disability.

I know they would try. I know they would give it a shot, but I’m afraid of the day that they come to me and say, “We just aren’t able to meet her needs.” I’m just afraid of the day when it all comes crashing down around me, and I have to move her out of the school that she loves and into a new school.

But we’ll figure it out. We’ll get into a house in a good school district because someday I’ll have to send Mia to school. Thankfully she’s only 16-months-old so I don’t have to share her yet.

So we’re looking for a house and trying not to have cold feet. Fynn asked for a house with 100 stories because he’s already lived in one with nine. I said we’d see.

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