New Year…Day 3

Do energy drinks count as sugary soda? Yes. Darn. Well, then yesterday was a bust on that front. I only had one. Does that make it better? I suppose I should be pleased that the holiday season is over and I haven’t gained a pound. Nate has lost seven. Ridiculous. And last night, cooking devolved into pizza rolls and chocolate milk. Alas. I’m not giving up, though.

Day 3 of January and the last day that Nate will be home with Fynn and I. It is also the last day that I can slack on my work. Back to it tomorrow. Well, I should say back to it this afternoon.

January and February are no fun on the Nate travelling front. He is leaving for Vegas this Thursday through Sunday and then he’ll be home a week and then off to Orlando for seven days. Then in Feburary, he is going to Dubai and Bahrain for 15 days. At least the travelling slows down for a little while after that.

Despite many of my friends’ facebook posts to the contrary, I think I’ve been having a great 2010. I mean, it’s only day 3. The new year has so much potential. I love that. We’ll see how much I love it in 6 months. 🙂

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  1. Olya says:

    Sorry to hear you will be Nate-less for two months! You are always welcome to come to casa de finnegan on the weekends – Fynn can explore fun things like swings and stairs and other boy-children, and we can hang out. Oh, and if you ever want to do lunch, let me know! You mentioned that Mr. Fynn is trying to be mobile, so we can pick something up and eat in the privacy of my office. I even have some toys he can play with 🙂

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