Okay, so I’m adding a goal to my list. Save money. To that end, I have started collecting coupons and saving them in an old photo album I don’t use anymore. Maybe another goal that I should add is organizing my photos. But let’s not get too hasty. I need a goal for 2011.

I ventured out this evening to “spend” my coupons that I’ve saved on baby junk. I am quite proud of the fact that I only purchased items for which I received a coupon. You know what that means? Gold star on the 2010 goals! Woohoo! All of this started when I received the ever elusive Similac coupon from one of Nate’s coworkers. Plus, I’ve always kept coupons, but I just never use them. I hope I’m not becoming one of those creepy housewives. You’d tell me, right?

So, on the weight loss goal. I haven’t lost a pound. However, I did do a 15 minute abs workout on ExerciseTV OnDemand this morning. I think I should get at least a silver star for that. Oh, and I have not had a sugary soda today. I do, however, have a diet Red Bull directly to my left. At least it’s not a regular Red Bull, right?

I don’t have a lot of other exciting news for you. I need to get going on my reading challenge or 18 months will be over and I’ll have 1 book to show for it. Well, on that note, off to read. Bye now!

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