5 and the diet for me

I think I’ve found the perfect diet. I just saw it on TV. The “Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet.” You can’t make this stuff up people. I never thought I would see the day when Taco Bell is a health food chain. I wonder if the diet also includes a side of nachos. I’ll have to find out. Stay tuned.

Speaking of diets, I tried a neat little trick last night when I sat down with my spaghetti. I read about it in Self. Instead of putting my spaghetti on a plate, I put it in a bowl. I ate about half of what I normally eat at a sitting and I had another plate full of tomatoes and cucumber slices. Yummy! All prepared by my darling husband. Thanks, Nate!

I did the 10 minute 6-pack abs video again this morning. Ouch. I hope that means it’s working.

No sugary sodas today, but 4 sugar packs in my coffee this morning. Eeep. I’ll try two tomorrow.

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