My back still hurts. I’m just going to come right out and say it. I’ve been doing a ton of stretches and some yoga to work it out. So far, so good. While I’m still in pain, I can actually move and not crawl around the floor. I have to say, not being mobile just sucks. I feel sorry for my little guy because he has had to deal with more containment than I would like. I can’t rest if I’m constantly chasing him and picking him up. He’s doing alright playing with blocks in his pack and play and tossing them out of his pack and play. I’m hoping that with a little more rest, stretching, muscle relaxants, and pain killers that this back pain will end soon.

So, I’m feeling really couped up. I have a 950 square foot apartment that I haven’t really left in a couple of days. This is not the best of situations. I’m really fortunate to be able to stay at home with my little guy, but I’m kinda feeling a little lonely right now. And I’ve realized that I have a short fuse. This could also be causes by the searing pain in my back, but I hate getting frustrated. My goal is that the little guy goes down early tonight and I can go read at Starbucks or something. Just to get out of the house.

I think it’s hard not having a lot of friends who are stay-at-home moms. Don’t get me wrong, I have great friends who are awesome. I have friends with flexible schedules who are able to hang out once in a while during the day. It’s just me being selfish. I know I should just go to some of these mommy outings, but it’s hard to go alone. I wish I had another stay-at-home mommy buddy to do things with. Maybe that will have to be my goal. A buddy.

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3 Responses to Ouch…

  1. Olya says:

    Want me to come for lunch on Friday? I can bring something…

  2. Shannon says:

    You should find a playgroup. I admit, I put off going to a playgroup until I knew there was someone there I would know, but I regret that now. I’ve met several really nice people at our playgroup and if you could find one on the weekdays, you might find someone there you can hang out with during other days.

    I can’t imagine being a stay-at-home mom and I envy those who can do it. But when I spend too many days in a row with my kids at home, my fuse get’s very short, too.

    Take the plunge and find an outing. The first one will be the hardest.

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