I’m THAT mother.

It took a week, but my back is better. Not great, but better. At least I’m able to stretch it out a little. Head-aches and back-aches are the worst. I’m such a huge baby about them. I think it’s because sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. Do as much stretching or sleeping as you want and the pain is still there. I think I’m on enough Advil right now that it’s actually starting to help.

One other good thing – Fynn is actually taking decent naps again. I love these little times between boughts of teething when I can actually believe that I can get things done during the day. It’s so nice. Soon, I’ll get that cold slap in the face of reality when he naps for 45 minutes at a time and is super angry that he’s awake and his mouth hurts.

Fynn took his first nasty spill last night. He fell off his changing table right onto the hardwood floor. And, yep, I freaked out. He cried, his little nose bled, and I could barely breath. Thank God that he is just fine. No concussion, no broken bones, and no lasting trauma – at least the baby isn’t traumatized. I’m still pretty traumatized. I called my pediatrician’s office to ask what I should look out for in case I needed to take him to Children’s. I was sure that when the nurse talked to the doctor, she said, “I have a hysterical mother on line 2 who dropped her baby.” Since Fynn was back to playing, his nose had stopped bleeding, and he wasn’t even swollen, they didn’t seem too concerned. Today he’s fine and back to normal – big sigh of relief. So, yes, I’m THAT mother, you know the one they talk about in the books – the one who takes her hand off her baby for a second and he falls on the floor. The authors of “What to Expect the First Year, ” should totally draw a little picture of me next to the changing table advice and say – “Don’t be this mother.”

Other than that bit of trauma, things are going well. I’m actually getting work done, the house picked up (nearly), and I’m looking forward to having time to read. You know, read? That thing I used to do a lot of years ago? So, I’m still not into my National Book Award books. I’m now ready Toni Morrison’s Beloved. I’ve only read a little of this book. I’m looking forward to finishing it.

Talk to you all soon! ’till butter flies.

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5 Responses to I’m THAT mother.

  1. Olya says:

    I am the mother who sits there, watches her kids do really stupid stuff, and says things like “Don’t do this, this is not going to end well.[stupid things gets done anyway] Oh, does it hurt? What did I just tell you? Come here and I will give you a kiss, you dumbass.”

    I think my picture is under “burned-out mother, time to institutionalize her”

  2. Shannon says:

    Glad to hear Fynn is OK after his tumble.

    Why do they bother putting that stupid strap on changing tables anyway? If you actually use it, it straps down the kids stomach making it impossible to change the diaper. If you try to put it on their chest instead, then they’re so far down the table they’re knees hang off and you still can’t change the diaper! Maybe someone should think about that and put the strap at chest level instead. As a result no one uses the stupid things and we all consider ourselves lucky when the kids doesn’t fall off the table.

    Sometimes, I’m with Olya – as long as no one can get seriously hurt, I let them do it. It’s a learning experience.

  3. Shannon says:

    Beth fell down the stirs last night because I headed in a different direction to grab something knowing she headed towards the stairs. She moved quicker than me and ended up falling down 8-10 steps. I felt absolutely awful. She seems fine this morning, though.

  4. erin says:

    Oh no, Shannon! That sucks! Kids are so stinking resiliant. Seriously if I took a fall like Fynn did or like Beth, I’d be sore for days and days. They seem to just take it in stride.

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