Back to the weight-loss goal

I’m back to my 20 lb weight loss goal. Is it only April? Almost May? Don’t you worry, I can still lose 20 lbs by January 2011. Today we recieved a very important tool to help me accomplish that goal – a spin bike. I’m not talking about the cheap exercise bikes you can buy. I’m talking about a gym grad spin bike from Spinning. It is pretty exciting. I tried it out right after it got here, and I was sweating in about three minues. I don’t know if that is a testament to the great potential of the bike or to my general out-of-shapeness. Probably more of the latter.

I know I also started a “no more soda” goal earlier this year. I have completely fallen off the wagon on that goal, but I asked my husband to bring home my last (I promise) soda. I chose Mountain Dew. I’m not sure it’s the best of choices, but it will do. I have to write this goal down so that I’ll feel silly when I drink it.

Other than my goals, it was a good day all around. Back to my book goal for the evening.

Have a good night, all!

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2 Responses to Back to the weight-loss goal

  1. Shannon says:

    If I can lose 15 pounds in 8 weeks, you can definitely lose 20 in 8 months!

    I find that if I tell myself I can’t have something at all, then that’s exactly what I want all the time. Better to just cut back, I think. But that doesn’t work for everyone.

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