The end is near for morning naps

Although Fynn has decided to take a morning nap today (he didn’t go to sleep until 10 PM last night), I believe that the end is near for his morning naps. This is very sad. I usually don’t work during his morning siesta, but I do clean up the house, take a shower, and maybe grab a bite to eat. Not that his morning naps were ever really long. His typical A.M. nap is 45 minutes to an hour. But it is just long enough to get a couple things done. For the last 4 days, Fynn has been fighting and ultimately skipping his morning nap. Now I need to come up with strategies for the possible implications of this.

My pediatrician suggested that I lock him in the bathroom with me while a shower. Maybe I’ll give that one a try tomorrow. Of course, our bathroom floor is pretty gross. I figure if I clean the bathroom and remove the icky stuff (toilet brush and garbage pail) and clean the floor with a wet swiffer, it should be okay for him to crawl around in there as long as the saftely latch is on the toilet lid. Oh, fun times. If only he was a small child and he still fit in his bouncy seat or exersaucer. Alas.

Oh, the things you have to think about when you have kids.

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2 Responses to The end is near for morning naps

  1. Shannon says:

    Beth finally started taking morning naps about the age Fynn is now. But lately I’ve been noticing that she sleeps longer in the morning than the afternoon, and she doesn’t usually want to go down for either nap, so it might be time for us to go to one nap around noon. Life will be so much easier (in some ways) when we don’t have to plan excursions around nap-time. Of course, then you can’t get anything done while they sleep because they don’t sleep! We gave up Alex’s naps altogether a few weeks ago when I realized that he was refusing to go to bed at night.

    I used to put my kids in an activity center in the bathroom while I showered. With Alex, I just had one with wheels (the dreaded walker) that I dragged upstairs, but with Beth we bought a second one with no wheels. That way I could plunk them and know they’re not going to get into trouble. Worked better with Alex than Beth, but if they start fussing, you can stick your head out and show them that you’re still there. I’d be willing to loan you either one if you’re interested. I don’t know where you live, but I’m meeting Olya for lunch tomorrow and could drop it off with her and she can meet you later in the week.

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